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Beet Wheat brownies using Coco powder

When I was a kid our lunch was packed pretty much everyday with two cutlets. My working mom used to prep it up over weekend making weekday lunch easy to pack. Only when I had grow old did I realize that she was sneaking in equal quantity of meat and carrot into them. She used… Continue reading Beet Wheat brownies using Coco powder


Cooling Powder for hot Summer’s – Thandai

'You should eat like a local..' the mantra we keep hearing from nutritionist and ancestors. Because tradition food cycle is based on the changing climate and Terrance . Holi - festival of colors - marks the onset of summer in North India. Holi is incomplete without the refreshing drink of Thandai. Not only is it… Continue reading Cooling Powder for hot Summer’s – Thandai

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Crepe Nutella cake – No bake.

Have you been around people, who keep reminding you they have their birthday coming up(months in advance)? My flatmate in Chennai keep dropping hints on her upcoming birthday pretty much everyday for months and in spite of that we missed it on the day. We were wondered what happened to the otherwise chatterbox; being unusually… Continue reading Crepe Nutella cake – No bake.


Chicken roast/fry

After marriage we traveled to Delhi on a Sunday. After moving into HIS den and settling down it was almost noon. We were hungry(but lazy to cook at home); having already explored the city, HE suggested we have biryani from Andhra Bhavan. This biryani is famous in Delhi and suppose to be the tastest south… Continue reading Chicken roast/fry