Storage box reconstructed

Online shopping is the norm now, you get what you need from a bigger market at your door step. It no longer matters which part of the world you are from(just waiting time for some location).

After all this shopping you are left with the packaging, which can be a hassle. I get confused.. ‘Do I keep it or throw them’. KID loves to play with empty covers and bottles (makes me wonder… why do I buy him toys?); drums on them, with them..

I decided to do a make over of his favorite BOX, to store his toys. With basic things lying around you can make cardboard boxes more functional. Get kids to help wrap or color them to their fancy – a personal storage box for them.

You Need

  • Cardboard box(Any size)
  • Twine – I used the once on paper bag
  • Blades – heavy duty
  • Commercial tape


  • Wraps to decorate – printable A4, gift wrapper
  • Craft Glue
  • Colors
Items needed – maybe not that truck

How to

  • Seal any open flaps using commercial tape.
    Anything other than toys for me!!
  • Decide which part of box you want as lid. Cut along the height, I measured 3.5cm from the top.
  • For the lid to fit in we will have to re-align it, make a mark along the width(.5cm) of the lid with blade. Do not cut too deep in.
  • Bend it along the width, inward. Seal it with commercial tape.
  • Adding handles. Make intersections on the sides and insert the twine.
  • Secure inside with tape. KID likes to sit on them, so I secured them well.
  • That’s it. You could leave it as is or decorate the box the way you like. I used left over gift wrapper and printable white A4 sheets. You could get fancy and color them, scribble. Gets kids involved at this stage; it’s all yours to customize.

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