Mango Passion Fruit No-Bake Cheesecake

These easy no bake, no cream cheese cake is a great dessert for any gathering.

When I was expecting KID, my parents had travelled to Delhi and they had carried Mom’s first harvest of passion fruit. Woff!! they were gone. We continued to have it even after KID was born. When we were confused about return gift for his Baptism, my mom suggested potted passion fruit saplings. We researched on how to grow them from seed and the last few passion fruit of the season was turned into a batch of 30-40 saplings.

I have always taken organising events for granted, with a very supportive extended family, last minute packing (shout out to Beena aunty for custom make paper bag), transport, arrangements is well taken care of. I am infact blessed by them.

This season we got few passion fruit from home and the last few I decided to turn into this cheese cake along with my last batch of frozen mangoes. When we have mangoes in abundance; I peel, cut and freeze 2 mangoes into a pack and make a batch. So whenever I need them off-season, I thaw packs. They last well for a year.

The cheese cake taste is driven by the quality and quantity of Passion fruit and Mango. So don’t compromise. The tang from passion fruit helps enhance mild flavour of mangoes.This recipe is inspired by yummytummyaarthi. She has a huge array of highly indianized dishes. Cooking with mostly local ingredients is her USP.


  • Tea Biscuit(milk bikis/tiger) -15- 20
  • Butter – 75gm
  • Passion fruit – 2-3
  • Sugar – 3Tsp per passion fruit
  • Mango puree – 1/2 cup
  • Sugar – 1/2 cup
  • Hung curd – 1/2 cup
  • Heavy Cream – 1/4 cup
  • Gelatin – 2.5 Tbsp
  • Water – 5-6 Tbsp

How to

  1. Add gelatin to water and set aside for it to bloom.
  2. If using a non detachable base pan, Layer a cake tray with plastic cling sheet. Add two or three layer. Leave extra edges for the sheet to help us pull cheesecake out.
  3. Pulse biscuit in mixer and add melted butter and mix them to form a rough dough.
  4. Line the base of prepared pan with biscuit mix and press them using back of spoon or glass. Set them in fridge till next layer is ready
  5. Heat passion fruit with sugar till sugar dissolves and turn a little thick. Strain half the juice and keep left over separately for topping.
  6. Beat mango puree, passion fruit juice, hung curd, cream and sugar till they turn into smooth batter(soft consistency of cream cheese is based on this).
  7. Melt gelatin water mixer, using double boiler or microwave at medium for a minute.
  8. Mix it in to cream batter and pour into pre-set base. Refrigerator overnight.
  9. You can either create Gelee – gel topping – of left over passion fruit(add 1 tsp gelatin and melt) or like me pour it directly on top. I love the crush passion fruit seeds give. You can also discard seeds and strain only the juice.
  10. Careful pull the cream cheese from mold.


  • Mine was 7″ round pan.
  • Around 1 cup full cream curd when poured into a cheese cloth (I use handkerchief) and left dripping in fridge (overnight) will yield you mostly 1/2 cup hung curd.
  • Serving them as single small portion also works.
  • Do not use over sour curd.
  • Setting it overnight makes the base firm and hold shape.

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